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David Watt
Kershaw Partners Lead Generation Expert

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Gary Exall - Managing Director, Nobatech
Mike joined us late 2016 initially as an advisor and has been fundamental to the business since.

Mike was brought in to help scale our business but at the same time improve our commercial processes, reporting and governance. His 30+ years experience has helped us identify growth opportunities and structure various deals that we wouldn’t have been able to complete on without his time and advice.

Mike chairs our board meetings and is a mentor to the senior leadership team and a great team motivator. He’s passionate about people, connecting businesses and creating opportunities. He’s a game changer!

WOO Architects have been working with Mike and Richard since late 2018. They have been extraordinarily helpful in improving our business, developing our processes and giving us an exciting platform for growth. 

The past year has been particularly challenging and having Richard at the operational helm as we chartered some choppy waters has been a huge benefit to me personally and the whole team at WOO. 

Kershaw Partners bring a calm and considered approach to business, focused on helping us achieve our goals and as a result the whole practice is now more financially secure, better organised, happier and more excited about the future than we have ever been. We look forward to working with them for many years to come

Kevin Owens - Founder, WOO Archtects

Debbie Marks - Founder, Qube Luxe

I completed the 2-day review with Richard and Mike. It was great to have industry experts have an outside perspective on the business and great to get the acknowledgement that we were heading in the right direction and to see we had such huge potential.

They showed a complete understanding of all aspects of my business, looking at processes, sales procedures, collaboration opportunities, and drilling down into the finances to see where I could grow the business.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, you need to speak to Kershaw Partners.

Working with Mike and David was the best investment we could have made in our business this year.

They provided a different perspective on strategic thinking and also gave us insight into areas we had never considered.

We are going to be working with Kershaw Partners on an ongoing basis to help grow our business even further.
Laurie Weitzhorn - Co-Founder, Just Seventy
Alix Caiger - Founder, Caiger and Company
Having grown steadily for three years I needed to understand how I accelerated the growth in Caiger and Company for the next three years.

The two day workshop with Richard and David was the most useful and eye opening thing I had done since starting the business. The way they explained what I needed to do and the steps that I have to take was just brilliant.

I would advise any small business who wants to seriously get ahead to spend the money of this, it is the best money you will ever spend.

The extensive knowledge of business and advice given by Kershaw Partners has been an invaluable part of setting up my business. Whether it be their attention to detail, patience or constant support, they have been an integral part of getting my business up and running. 

David has been my right hand man, that in itself deserves a medal! He has been full of encouragement and always there to stop me making any decisions I’d regret!

Harriet Cuming - Founder, Whisp

James Abbott - Founder, Mix and Twist

A huge thank you to David for all his assistance regarding the TABS framework lead generation programme he has implemented with Mix &Twist. 

It’s been a total eye opener as to what can be achieved, from a far better understanding of our target market demographics, creating more engaging content, that has proven to draw in new contacts already and strategic market positioning. 

David really is a star and if you do nothing else today – take 5 minutes to reach out to him, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Mike & Guy for such a brilliant couple of days. 

The “Deep Dive” was a very beneficial and useful exercise that we are confident will open lots of doors for our business moving forward.

It was an extremely interesting and informative experience and we would highly recommend the process to any business looking to progress to the next phase of their development.

Kate Cross - Owner, Caswell House

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